Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Daniel Hernandez and this is my first ever portfolio for my first ever college course.

In this portfolio my ultimate goal is to enlighten you regarding the major importance of inclusivity, specifically inclusive spaces. My definition of an inclusive space is one that allows any one to access a particular area without any trouble. Inclusive spaces might not sound like a big deal but to the obscured society of wheelchair users — it means a tremendous amount.

If you’re interested in the importances of inclusive spaces and wish to learn more about something that matters, click on the “research essay” link above!

Note to Incoming First Semester Students

If you would like to gain insight on what this course is about and what you may gain from it, head on over to the “Reflection” link above

Also if you are interested in knowing some of the work we did, above is my work regarding rhetorical analysis of 3 pieces of literature we read.

Please leave comments and feedback, thank you!


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